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  Talk To You  


Well you’re running round
Loosin’ ground
There are things that you want to say
Don’t waste your time
Just change your line
Don’t fight it
There’s no other way
You shoot it up, we shoot it down
And wonder why that we don’t move
So hit em’ high and kick em’ low
The time has come for us too

Talk to you
I wanna talk to you
Talk to you
I wanna talk to you
Hey you here we go

You pay for this
They give you that
And fill us with all kinds of lies
They’ll tell you know
They’ll tell you yes
Just like the devil in disguise
Don’t wait for time to heal the grind
There is a lot for you to do
So think your mind and state your kind
Tell them it’s time for us too

Make them listen
To your call
Don’t rely on em’ at all
We’ve been through this all before

Written by: Ian Sandercoe (1989)
Performed by: Joshua Brave

Recorded at: 48 Volt Studios Jesmond NSW Australia
Produced by: Ian Sandercoe
Engineered by: David Henderson
Year: 1990

Vocalist: Ian Sandercoe
Guitar: Paul Flaherty
Bass Guitar: Don Ninness
Drums: Craig Lancaster



Joshua Brave Springfields Sydney NSW Australia